About Us

The Tealwood Journey

Tealwood was founded with the belief that a holistic approach was the most effective way to truly address the individual needs and health care problems of the elderly. We believed that back in 1989 when we began and that belief has only deepened with time.


In that spirit, all Tealwood Care Centers are designed to meet our residents’ full range of needs in a safe, comfortable environment:

  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

Our people are continuously trained and highly motivated to provide all-encompassing care. We also strive to provide care as economically as possible, working within the reimbursement systems of each state.


Tealwood Care Centers provide care in more than 40 nursing homes and assisted living facilities in communities across four states.


Learn more about how together we make the journey matter...

“Before I moved to Fairway Pines last year, I was concerned about the cost, but my family felt the money was worth it because I would be safe and well cared for.  Anytime I need help, one of the nice and friendly staff is always right there to help me.  Plus, there is lot of things to do here. I enjoy the bus outtings, going to the store, country drives and pie and coffee.  I was able to bring my own stuff with me, and I like the open field outside my window.  My family is happy that I am here and that my appointments are easy to get to.”
— Tenant Fairway Pines
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